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Jeannie's Pet Grooming


Jeannie at the front of the shop

My 18 month old Malti-poo, Gracie, has been groomed by Jeannie since she was 9 weeks old.  Each time we visit,Gracie is welcomed to the shop by Jeannie with an enthusiastic greeting.  Gracie loves Jeannies tender care and professionalism and skill.  When my dog leaves Jeannie, she is immaculately groomed and happy.  Not only is Jeannie meticulous about Gracie's appearance, but she is aware of her general health as well, always sharing with me any concerns she has.  It is evident that Jeannie provides Gracie with love and affection.  I would never consider taking Gracie anywhere else.                                            

Michelle Broberg

The grooming is great! The facility is very clean....But it's the love, kindness, caring, and genuine concern for Joe, making sure his grooming experience is a safe, non-threatening, over all experience that keeps Joe "begging" to come back to Jeannie.!

Earlene and Buck Bond

I have been using Jeannie's Grooming for several years and am very happy with her.  Jeannie keeps her shop immaculate and is very punctual with her appointments.  She does an excellant job bathing and cutting; the dogs always look very pretty!  Very importantly, the dogs always are happy to see Jeannie!  I would highly recommend Jeannie's.

Sharon Witherspoon
Home Dog Training


I have two shih tzus that are like children to me, and they are both crazy about Jeannie.  Sebastion is 14 years old and needless to say can get quite grumpy.  Whickett has extremely bad allergies which Jeannie helps keep under control.  She is so loving and caring with both of them I cannot imagine having to take them anywhere else.

Sherry Butterwick

Jeannie is a wonderful groomer. I tried for years and went through many groomers trying to find one that did not seem to frighten my shih tzu.  Each month it tore me up watching my dog shake with fear and screech walking into a grooming shop, until we found Jeannie almost 6 years ago.  She was the first and only groomer I found that would cuddle and love my dog while she groomed him.  My dog loves Jeannie and wags his tail excitedly when we enter her shop.

Shannon Reed

As an over the edge, animal loving, eccentric, particular pet owner: choosing a groomer is scary!  I had 4 Himalayan cats.  Because of the obvious hair issue I would get them groom.  They didn't like being handled by strangers or leaving home and I was rarely happy with the way they looked because my creative instructions were ignored.  I tried several until deciding I would be more comfortable doing them myself.

That continued just fine for many years until there was only one left.  she was old and I was getting there!  It was time to find a groomer.  Yicks!  I noticed a new one in my neighborhood,  stopped by and asked if she had experience grooming cats.  She said she did.  I asked her if I brought my sweet little Xulu in if I could stay and help with grooming her.

How many groomers would like their customer watching them, much less helping them do their job?  Jeannie was fine with me overseeing and helping with my precious Xulu!  After that first time I never stayed with her again.  Jeannie has such a kind calm demeanor animals love her instantly!  she was so very wonderful and gentle with my little old girl I trusted her and have never been disappointed!

Six year ago we added puppy Ezra to our family.  Even though everything freaks him out, he has been a fan of Jeannie's since his first grooming date.  He enjoys his time there so much he thinks her name is "girlfriend".  Now if anyone says "girlfriend" in our house Ezra is up, excited and ready to go.  I still come up with wild and crazy haircuts, Jeannie giggles and executes them beautifully!  I am so very happy and content I found Jeannie's Grooming!

Gilbert, AZ